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Chargemaster VCM BP30 & VCM BP 60

Provides four positive and four negative outputs in either 30kV or 60kV versions.

CMBP3060Chargemaster VCM BP30 & VCM BP60

The Chargemaster VCM is programmable for either voltage or current control mode to supply the high voltage for charging bars and various charging applicators used to electrostatically bond materials. The Chargemaster VCM provides a simple and economical solution for a wide range of production processes maximizing the efficiency of the application.

• Capable of voltage or current control mode operation

• Unique scroll-through menu programming control

• Remote operation capability

• Large LCD for mode and output display

• Short circuit protected output

The Chargemaster VCM is a switch-mode, power factor corrected, charging generator. The units output current is electronically restricted and protected against arcing. The output voltage can be set between 0 and the unit’s maximum voltage in voltage mode, or will automatically adjust to maintain a desired current level when operating in current mode. All of this is accomplished using the unique scroll-through menu programming capability of the Chargemaster VCM.

Remote Control Functions

• Turn high voltage on and off

• Output voltage adjustment

• Output current display

• Overload indication


Full Rated Voltage 0-30 kV (pos and neg) 0-60 kV (pos and neg)
Full Rated Current 0-5 mA (x2) 0-2.5 mA (x2)
Maximum Watts 150 Watts (x2) 150 Watts (x2)
Remote Control Connection 25-Pin D-Sub Cable
Remote Voltage Control 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA or 4-20mA for 0-30kV (VCM BP30) and 0-60kV (VCM BP60)
Ports 8 (4 pos and 4 neg) 8 (4 pos and 4 neg)
Power Supply Capacity Each polarity can power the sizes listed:

Tetra Bar: CM-BP 30, 500″ CM-BP 60, 200″

Pinner Bar: CM BP 3, 250″ CM-BP 60, 100″

Superbar: CM-BP 30, 2 Bars CM-BP 60, None

Applicators: 4 pos and 4 neg on both units

Order Your Chargemaster VCM BP30 & VCM BP60 and Accessories

Description Part Number
Chargemaster VCM BP30, 115/230VAC input I4012563
Chargemaster VCM BP60, 115/230VAC input I4012564

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