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Simco-ION Conveyostat In-Line Ionizers

Designed to eliminate clogs caused by static charge buildup within pneumatic conveying systems.

Conveyostat In-Line Ionizers

Conveyostat In-Line Ionizers

Conveyostats are designed to provide in-line static elimination for neutralizing static charges on materials in pneumatic conveying systems. The Conveyostat eliminates clogs caused by static charge buildup within the conveying system. Once the static charges are eliminated, products flow freely and productivity increases.

The Conveyostat is typically mounted at the input to a cyclone or collection vessel so that trim or other conveyed materials are neutralized as they pass through the unit.

Conveyostats come in standard diameters ranging from 1.5″ to 12″, with larger sizes available. Units are constructed of stainless steel and powered by a Dual Phase Power Supply (120VAC, 60Hz input). Both indoor and outdoor versions are available.

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