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D167RY Power Supply

Used primarily with the HS Nozzle, and shockless static bars (ME100, MEB, MEJ, and PSH-N). Has 4 high voltage outlets. Environmentally potted power unit with no replaceable parts.

D167RY Power Supplies

D167RY   Power Supplies

The D167RY (115V)  can power a variety of shockless static eliminators, including the AS20 Blower, HS Nozzles (up to 100 nozzles in series), and various shockless static bars (ME100MEBMEJ, and PSH-N.

The units’ four high voltage outputs makes it budget friendly.

UL, CSA and CE approved.



Part Number IPD0202
On / Off Switch No
Input Requirements 115V, 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage 7 kV, 3mA max
Number of outputs for static eliminators 4
Max Length of static bars which can be attached 200 inches
Does the unit accept shielded cable No
Acceptable for hazardous locations No

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