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IQ Power Wireless Link was designed as a cable replacement kit that wirelessly allows devices to communicate. It eliminates long and costly cable runs providing much easier and cleaner installations.  Additionally, it allows for static control monitoring in places where mounting was previously impossible, such as on turret winders. It works independently of and won’t appear on WiFi networks because it operates as industrial Bluetooth.

Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates long cable runs from devices to Control Station
  • Communication is enabled via Industrial Bluetooth
  • Compatible with all IQ Power and IQ Easy platform products
  • Each Hub provides power and communication for up to 4 devices
  • No separate network or IP address required
  • Wireless communication up to 200 feet
Input Power 24 VDC, 3.75A, negative ground from AC adapter or user supplied
 Connectors  4 IQ Power (RJ-45) One reserved for connection to Bluetooth Adapter;
4 IQ Easy (M12)
 LED Indicator  Green POWER
 Operating Temp  50°C [122°F] max
 Mounting  (4) M5 [#10] hardware (not included)
 Enclosure  Steel, blue epoxy powder coated
 Dimensions  78H x 85W x 40D mm [3.06”H x 3.35”W x 1.57”D]
 Weight  240g [8.5 oz]


Bluetooth Adapter

 Input Power/Comm IQ Power (RJ-45) connection to Hub/Control Station
 LED Indicators  5 status lights
 Operating Temp  50°C [122°F] max
 Mounting  (2) M5 [#10] hardware (not included)
 Dimensions  116H x 48W x 18D mm [4.56”H x 1.88”W x 0.71”D]
 Antenna  5 dBi, 210 mm [8.26”], fully positionable

AC Adapter

Type “Universal” desktop
Input Power 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Output 24 VDC, 3.75A max
Dimensions 145L x 60W x 32H mm [5.71”L x 2.36”W x 1.26”H]
Weight 380g [13.4 oz]
Enclosure Thermoplastic, black