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Simco-ION Magnum Force Ionizing Air Knife System

The Magnum Force provides high volume blow-off without the cost of compressed air.

Magnum Force Ionizing Air Knife System

Simco-ION Magnum Force Ionizing Air Knife System

Magnum Force systems are custom-designed to provide superior heavy-duty surface cleaning or drying.  They perform like compressed air knives, but use a blower instead of plant air, reducing operating costs by 30% to 70%.  When combined with Simco’s static eliminating bars, Magnum Force becomes a powerful tool for removing dust and dirt from flat or contoured surfaces.  Where liquid removal is required, Magnum Force systems are ideal because of their powerful forced air thrust, low operating cost, and efficient operation.

Typical applications include:

*  Removing dust from car and truck bodies prior to painting

*  Drying wet parts

*  Cleaning wooden doors or tabletops

*  Blowing off large plastic parts such as dashboards

Click here for an example of a Magnum Force being used to clean products before they are painted.

Click Here to begin calculating your return on investment when comparing the Magnum Force System to a compressed air operated system.  We’ll be able to provide you pricing on a system just for you.  E-mail or call C.C. Steven at 805-658-0207 to discuss your specific needs.

Click on the following specification sheet to learn more about the Magnum Force.   Note:  The following link is a PDF file.  These files are slightly large and may take a few minutes to download.

Specification Sheet(86kB)