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Monroe Model 282 STAT-ARC 3


20kV / inch range Digital Electrostatic Fieldmeter

Monroe Model 282 Stat-Arc 2 IS (Intrinsically Safe) Static Locator

The right answers everywhere — easier than ever.

With the Model 282 IS, accuracy is unquestioned. Just hold the instrument so the LED beams converge. That means you are exactly the right distance from the target for readings up to 20kV. And the chopper-stabilized circuitry is immune to ionization. Zeroing is push-button simple. Low cost is designed in too. You cannot afford not to keep the Model 282 IS handy for:
*Monitoring — Static-free production spaces
*Measuring — static buildup on webs in converting, laminating, and printing operations
*Checking — grounds and bonding in dry particle / powder transport systems
*Testing — Ionizer performance using the optional charged plate adapter Model 282CPS

Accuracy has never come so easily or inexpensively. Converging beams from two LEDs tell you when the instrument is precisely 1 inch from the target, so reading is an exact indication of the static field being measured, up to ±20 kV. Extended ranges of up to ±80 kV can be measured by increasing the distance to the target by given amounts and multiplying the displayed reading by 2, 3, or 4. The Model 282-1 also features a HOLD button to freeze display and automatic polarity detection. The chopper-stabilized design guarantees accurate readings even in ionized environments.


  1. Intrinsically safe rating
  2. Patented Auto-Zero Circuit
  3. Pulsing-Beam Range Finder for Correct Readings Always


Size 2.4 x 4.2 x 0.9 inches (6.1 x 10.7 x 2.3 cm)
Weight 5 oz (0.14kg) with battery
Power Requirements 9 volt, Eveready #216 or equivalent NEDA #1604
Meter Range 0 to ± 19.99kV at one inch. For other ranges see “Additional Information”
Display Type: LCD
Output: 1 volt signal represents 10kV reading
Accuracy ± 5% of reading
Industrial Approval and Certification CE mark approval UL Certification Class I Groups A,B,C,D and Class II Groups E,F,G when powered by 9-volt carbon zinc or zinc chloride battery NEDA 1604 or NEDA 1604DUL Certification for Class I Groups C and D only when powered by 9-volt alkaline battery NEDA 1604A
Additional Information: Ranges:kV——-Distance—–Multiply Reading0-40—–4.0 inches——–2

0-60—–6.5 inches——–3

0-80—–8.5 inches——–4

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Model 282 IS Digital Stat-Arc 2 Static Locator MMF0282IS $ 2297.00
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Model 282CPS Charged Plate System MMF02801 $ 952.00