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Simco-ION R55 Nozzle

Shockless  nozzle with wide coverage. Popular for use in separating sheets on sheet-fed  printing presses.

R55 Nozzle new

Simco-ION R55 Nozzle

The R55 Nozzle provides a powerful blast of ionized air used for cleaning and neutralizing surfaces in a variety of applications. It is particularly effective for separating paper and film sheets on feed piles. The R55 has eight active ionization pins to deliver outstanding depth and range of static elimination. The nozzle is shockless for operator safety.

The R55 comes in your choice of two air exit configurations, a slot or a double row of perforation holes (best for feed piles). It can be ordered with an axial (straight) or radial (right angle – preferred for feed piles) high voltage cable exit.

The cable for the R55 is metal shielded, which reduces EMI and RFI emissions and allows the cable to be mounted against metal without danger of burnout. The cable and power supply for the R55 must be ordered separately.

FAQ     Applications     Dimensional Drawing(29kB)


Line Voltage Requirements 120V, 60 Hz:  230V, 50/60 Hz
Size (Individual Nozzle) 2 in x 1 in x 2 1/8 in (W x H x L)
Maximum Air Pressure (clean, dry air) 88 psi maximum
Air Flow (at 30 psi) Slotted 2.45 SCFM, Perf 2.95 SCFM
Air Supply Connection 5/16 inch (8mm) nipple (hose barb)
Working Distance from substrate up to 6 inches
Operating Temperature Limit 140F without air, 176F with air
Static Charge Discharge Time .5 seconds at 6 inches at 30 psi (5000V to 500V)

Order Your R55 Nozzle and Accessories


Description Part Number
R55-Perforated air exit and straight cable exit I4081008
R55-Perforated air exit and right angle cable exit I4081009
R55-Slotted air exit and straight cable exit I4081010
R55-Slotted air exit and right angle cable exit I4081011
2.5 meter (8.8′) high voltage cable for R55 I4081012
5.0 meter (17.6′) high voltage cable for R55 I4081013
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You must order a power supply to power the nozzles if you do not already have one. We recommend the following models for the R55 Nozzle.


Power Supply Part Number
S165 – 120V, 50/60 Hz, 5 kV, 3mA max, 2 output, lighted power switch IPS2000
S265 – 230V, 50/60 Hz, 5 kV, 3mA max, 2 output, lighted power switch IPS2001

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