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Simco-ION IQ Power HL Static Neutralizing System

The IQ Power HL System is our most innovative static control system designed to optimize static neutralization in hazardous locations where safety is a concern.


A scalable system consisting of a Control Station, Static Neutralizing Bar, Power Supply, Sensor, and a Sensor Interface, the IQ Power HL ensures exceptional ionization performance within Class 1, Div. 1, Group D classified areas.

There are two power supply choices available:

  • The HLC Power Supply is approved for mounting outside the hazardous area.
  • The HLC Power Supply is approved for mounting inside classified hazardous locations. The HLC Power Supply requires a Remote Display Monitor which is used to display all critical indicators such as service status and fault conditions.

The IQ Power HL Sensor allows the power units to operate in Closed Loop Feed Back mode or can be used as a stand-alone monitoring system. It connects to the system through the IQ Power Sensor Interface. The Sensor Interface provides status indicators for up to 8 connected sensors.

Features and Benefits

  • Digital, not analog, technology offers higher accuracy and is impervious to noise.
  • Sensor is intrinsically safe allowing for easy installation without the use of conduit.
  • Communications cannot be corrupted due to data verifying algorithm


Static Neutralizing Bar:

The IQ Power Static Neutralizing Bar is highly efficient with 100% effective length and built for long lasting durability with little maintenance. Each individual ion emitting pin is current limited to eliminate the risk of hazardous electrical shock and explosion in specific classified areas. They are offered in over 85 different lengths and two varieties to suit your application based on the web speeds or operating distance. Neutralizing bars include rugged mounting hardware. • Speed Static Bars are engineered to neutralize static charges on webs traveling up to 3,000 fpm and are mounted approximately 4” from the material to be neutralized. • Hybrid Static Bars are designed for installations where the web path is somewhat variable. Typically mounted up to 18” away.

Please call us for pricing information or any application questions you may have.