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Simco-ION One Point Ionizing Bar

Shockless one point ionizer is designed for spot neutralization and for applications with hard to reach static charges.

Single Point IonizerSimco-ION One Point Ionizing Bar

The One Point bar is a micro sized (7/16 inch diameter, 2-1/4 inch long) single point static bar for spot neutralization. The bar is popular with machine builders because it fits into very tight spaces. Common applications include ribbon slitting and tape rewind processes, plastics, printing, and packaging operations.

The One Point bar comes with 10-ft standard high voltage cable.  Metal shielded cable sleeving is available to reduce EMI/RFI emissions and to allow the cable to mount directly against metal, such as a machine frame, without using standoffs. Call C.C. Steven at 805-658-0207 for information.

UL and CUL approved.



Shockless or Hot Shockless
Ionization Output Standard
Maximum speed of target material 1200 ft/min
How far from charged material can bar be mounted? 1 inch
Approved for hazardous locations No
Intended for heavy, normal or light industrial applications Light to Normal


Remember, you must order a power supply to power the static bar if you do not already have one. We recommend the following models for the One Point Static Bar.

One Point Bar Number
7/16 diameter One Point Static Bar, standard cable I4003970
Power Supply Number
S165S – 120V, 50/60 Hz, 2-output, lighted power switch IPS2000
S265S – 230V, 50/60 Hz, 2-output, lighted power switch IPS2001
Shielded Cable Sleeving Number
1-ft Shielded Cable I4002597
2-ft Shielded Cable I4002598
3-ft Shielded Cable I4002599
4-ft Shielded Cable I4002600
5-ft Shielded Cable I4002601
6-ft Shielded Cable I4002602
7-ft Shielded Cable I4002603
8-ft Shielded Cable I4002604
9-ft Shielded Cable I4002605
10-ft Shielded Cable I4002606