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Simco-ION Teknek CM10 Sheet Cleaner

Simco-ION’s Teknek  – CM10 Sheet Cleaner

for large sheets utilizes tacky rolls to remove surface contamination priot to critical dust sensitive processes. The CM10 is available with all Teknek Cleaning Cores and includes static elimination, which dramatically reduces part defects and increases production yields. The CM10 Sheet Cleaner is a robust double sided sheet cleaner which provides an impressive ROI.

CM10 DataSheet


Cleaning Width 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm
Operating Modes Uni-Directional & Auto Reverse
Processing Speed 3 – 12m/min & 10 – 40m/min
Pass Line Height 950 +/- 50mm
Power Supply Selectable 100 -230V 50/60hz
Pneumatic Pressure Required 5 – 7 Bar or Free air