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Quickly and easily test static bars to see if they are working.

Static Bar Checker Simco-ION TensION Voltage Detector


The TensION Voltage Detector enables the user to check both AC and DC static neutralizing and charging products. Without making contact with the actual equipment, it provides an easy and safe way to check if high voltage is present. The tip of the TensION Voltage Detector illuminates when high voltage is detected, providing an immediate indication that the equipment is energized.

Power 2 size AAA batteries 1.5V (included)
Dimensions 5.8 in L x .7 in W (148 mm L x 17 mm W)
Weight 40 grams
Material Radilon-S HS(a), BE 170MO IP64
Operating Temperature -10°C – +50°C
Approval CE
TensION Voltage Detector
Description Part Number
TensION Voltage Detector i4050556