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Simco-ION Tetra Charging Bar

A rugged 60kV charging bar for use in areas where personnel will not contact the bar.

TETRA Charging Bar

Simco-ION TETRA Charging Bar    Applications

Distinguished by high performance and rugged construction, the Tetra Charging Bar consists of an inner bar of ionizing points mounted in a round rigid housing. The ionizing points are easy to clean with the supplied cleaning brush. A Tetra Bar incorporates a straight-end HV connector or an optional right-angle connector. The high voltage cable is flame retardant, highly flexible, and removable to simplify bar maintenance.

The optional point cover, which can be cut to size, can be used to cover points which are not facing the material that is being charged. This helps reduce the risk of arcing to nearby surfaces.

Dimensional Drawing(39kB)


Type Direct connect to high voltage
Points 316 SS fixed
Profile 1.31 inch diameter PVC
Inner Bar Teflon
Length 6 inches to 144 inches overall length is 2.31 inches longer
Voltage Rating 30 kV, 50 kV with added insulation
Weight .5 lb per foot
Cable Removable, straight exit standard, 50 kV rated, 221 degrees F, 10 ft length
Mounting Fully adjustable mounting centers with bar rotation of +/- 30 degrees
Hardware 3/8-16 nylon nut and bolt kit
Temp. Rating 110 degrees F (43 degrees C)

All SIMCO charging bars are shipped with mounting brackets, 10 feet of 50 kV rated voltage cable and a high voltage connector kit for connecting the bar to a SIMCO power supply.

Design Your TETRA Charging Bar

It’s easy to configure and order a Tetra charging bar to fit your requirements. Simply select the overall length of the charging bar you need, the type of cable exit from the bar (straight thru or right angle), and the length of high voltage cable you need (this connects the charging bar to the Chargemaster Power Supply) 10-ft is standard. Then call C.C. Steven for pricing at 805-658-0207.

Check our Demonstrator Page for super deals ( 50% or more off list ) on demonstrator units we may have available.

Order Your TETRA Charging Bar Accessories

Description Part Number
Snap-on point cover 60″ I4401649
Snap-on point cover 30″ I4401655
Snap-on point cover 15″ I4401656

Questions? Ready to order?  E-mail us or call C.C. Steven at 805-658-0207.