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Simco-ION V FORCE 30 -Narrow Web Vacuum System

V-Force 30 Photo


V FORCE 30 by Simco-ION    

Simco-Ion’s V-Force 30 narrow web vacuum system is a unique high performing industrial vacuum cleaning system for narrow web machines. The V-Force 30 combines the power of static neutralization with high vacuum, high volume and high velocity allowing for ultimate cleaning. This powerhouse system includes a non-contact cleaning hood with active static neutralizing bars and a self-contained Air Control System with isolated particle collection in an-all-in-one cabinet. It can be easily installed onto any area of open web on most major narrow web presses and other narrow web machinery making it ideal for many applications.

• Suitable for thin film applications

• Coaxial hose design minimizes connections

• Quiet operation (<70 dB)

• Minimal floor space

• Simple installation

• Rugged stainless steel construction

• Removable particle collection trays

• Easy replaceable fi lters

• Non-regenerative blower design S




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