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Simco-ION Teknek SL Slim Line Cleaner Range

Teknek’s                                                 SL Slim Line Cleaner Range

has been developed to enhance our range of cleaning options for converting applications. The SL range includes the SLn and SLmax contact cleaning machines. These machines are suitable for slow speeds and has the ability to be installed in small spaces making it great for applications including digital printers, bagging machines, medical packaging machines, cleaning laminating, and calendar rollers.

The SLn is an entry level web cleaner is built on the same platform as the Mini Web Cleaner but offers a wider range of width options. Without machine covers the small profile allows integration in confined spaces for either single or double sided cleaning, close to the critical value add process.

The SLmax was created to accommodate wider web widths and faster speeds. Lengths are offered from around 23-43 inches.

SL Cleaner Range DataSheet

Web Cleaner Flyer


Cleaning Width SLn: 150mm – 800mm(6in –  31.5in)
SLmax: 600mm – 1,100mm (23.6in – 43.3in)
Machine Options Double Side or Single Side Cleaning
Speed SLn: 100m/min
SLmax: 150m/min
Roller Available with traditional Panel, Film, Ultracleen and Nanocleen
Active Anti-static System Optional
Mounting 360°