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Simco-ION I-VSE-5000 Static Neutralizing Blower

The I-VSE 5000 static neutralizing blower eliminates tough static charges fast in demanding industrial environments. It is pictured with its optional portable mounting stand


Simco-ION I-VSE-5000 Static Neutralizing Blower


The I-VSE-5000 static neutralizing blower eliminates tough static fast in demanding industrial environments.  The I-VSE-5000 neutralizes areas up to 80 square feet.  The I-VSE-5000 features a patented passive ionization circuit which maintains ion balance.  Ion balance is even maintained during voltage fluctuations.  Optional pedestal mount available.

The I-VSE-5000 is offered CE compliant and complies with FCC Part 15 requirements for Class A equipment.



  • Rugged steel enclosure.  Patented passive ionization circuit
  • High volume variable speed fan
  • Built-in air diffuser
  • Optional adjustable height stand (shown in picture) available

Blower Comparison Chart


Power Requirements 115V, or 230V 50/60 Hz
Size (W x H x D) 12 in. x 6.25 in. x 10 in.
Weight 8 lb.
Ion Balance +or – 30 V
Area Volume Output Variable; 100 – 255 cfm
Effective Coverage 80 sq. ft.
Discharge Time (5000V to 500V at 1′ distance) .6 seconds, Fan Speed High
Integrated Power Supply Yes
Built-in Emitter Point Cleaner No
Approved for Class I, Division 1, Group D Hazardous Locations No
Description Part Number
I-VSE-5000 Blower, 115V, 50/60Hz IV10500
I-VSE-5000 Blower, 230V, 50/60Hz ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN 230V IV10501
Portable Floor Stand IV1P501
Emitter Assembly IV1P502
Filter Kit IV1P503
Replacement Filters, 10/pack IV1P504

I-VSE 5000 Datasheet Rev E